10 more ways to save money in the kitchen

  1. Stop using conditioner in your wash. The conditioner guys like to tell us that their products make clothes last longer but how many people wear their clothes until they fall apart anyway?
  2. Fill your washing machine fully before using it. An empty and a full washing machine use the same amount of power so why not make it really sweat for you?
  3. Use the washing machine timer to ensure that your washing machine comes on when power is cheap.
  4. Washing soda is a cheap alternative to Calgon but it can bleach some fabrics if you go mad with it.
  5. Grind up your old soap bars when they are too small to be of use. Use them to supplement your soap powder.
  6. Use your old shirts as pipe lagging and insulation when they can no longer be worn.
  7. Clear calcium deposits from your washing machine to extend its life and increase its energy efficiency.
  8. Do not tumble dry shirts. You will only wet them down again with a steam iron. In fact do not tumble dry anything at all.
  9. Invest in a very large tea mug. Make your tea bag do twice the work!
  10. There is no need to purify water prior to making tea.
These actions will save approximately ten pounds a month which will buy you crate of good wine at Christmas. Enjoy.


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