Richard does magic

I was recommended a book on the law of attraction so fervently that I went out and bought it. We are all looking for hope.
This brought me to a meeting that resembled a revivalist meeting where (mostly women) related their salvation stories. I thought 'why not give the mind a rest?'. I was tired and frightened because I had no money or job. Simple ideas are always attractive when afraid.
The law of attraction simply states that you get what you focus upon. This is magical thinking pure and simple. Years ago I was a magnet for violent and crazy women and I cured this simply by changing my view on women. I forced myself to believe that women could behave as thinking adults. This was an act of faith at the time because I was literally being punched by complete strangers- yet I realised that other men were being treated a great deal better simply because they expected women to be sane. These demonic women have now disappeared from my life completely. They have not been replaced by angels but by people I can at least negotiate with.
So.. I read a long and hypnotically phrased book and did my exercises. I was (and still am) unemployed but I wrote down the best outcomes I could believe in.
I had an interview on Monday with an employment advisor who had the power to stop my money if she felt I was not searching for work. I could have taken a defensive stance but I chose to see her as an ally. As a result I passed with flying colours and was even given free training. I also noticed that I was applying for more jobs. My output rose from around four applications a week to seven a day. This was not because I was working any harder but because I was more purposeful in my job hunting. I was sending out fewer C.V's to people who did not want them and finding more actual vacancies.
Tomorrow I have an interview for which I am well prepared and over qualified. There is absolutely no reason for them not to employ me if a job exists. My problem has been that many companies interview people even when there is no vacancy (I have no idea why). I will take the attitude that I am in the office to pick up my uniform and start that night. Maybe this will affect them on some subtle level.
I believe the law of attraction works. There is nothing magical about it but it simply causes us to act in more constructive ways.
NB The interview was a complete wash out. I arrived at the company HQ and was kept waiting on the doorstep for a while. Eventually someone let me in and told me that they had no vacancies. I asked if I could at least leave my C.V and was told 'don't bother, mate'. In fact the interview had been set up by a person with no authorisation to do so and the manager had known that I was coming for six or eight hours prior to my arrival. The reason he had not called me was because he 'wanted to see what I looked like'. This was despite all my efforts to be a Pollyanna in advance of the event.


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