Account aggregateors

There are a number of account aggregators on the market. All of them are free but only some are useful- or safe.
So what is an account aggregator? An account aggregator is a website that is given permission to enter all of your finance sites and to fetch information from them in order to display them on a single page. This can result in a deluge of advertising because the website operator then has access to your entire life and can suggest alternatives to what you have.
Recent news about Sony losing the data of 100 million PlayStation customers should also make one worry about the security of financial data on these services and for this reason I am not currently recommending them.
Far more useful is the Awardwallet site. This collects information on your various award schemes and presents a unified statement. This is a genuinely useful service as many of us are members of schemes but cannot recall the card numbers or login details which mean we have effectively lost the points. Awardwallet also keeps track of expiring points and warns you about them. I will not worry greatly if someone hacks into my loyalty points. They can have a free coffee and a croissant at my expense. This is the worst thing that can happen.
There are also a number of very neat mobile phone apps that physically replace your loyalty cards. If you see something you would like to buy but do not have your loyalty card- no problem! Simply select that particular scheme and up pops the bar code which can be scanned like a normal card and you will receive the points as usual. I use the CardStar app because it is the only one that runs on my phone. There are many alternatives however.


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