Political framing

Most positions of power in the UK are held by socialists. This is true not only of government but private industry too. This occurs because the left acts as the gatekeeper of the establishment.
Suppose you wish to enter government. How might this be done? Generally the best way to do this would be to acquire a sociology degree. This subject are founded upon assumptions that many people have come to question. Sociology looks at poverty and calls it underprivilege. The idea that income inequalities may be deserved is alien to the basic language.
Private business has very similar assumptions built into it except that they are called 'equal opportunities'. This assumes equal outcomes are the same thing as equal opportunity. Anyone who points out the difference is assumed to be a racist or a sexist of some kind.
The art of political framing is the art of disagreeing with false notions without becoming the target of a witch hunt.
It all comes down to who is the more political.
Political correctness is a Marxist agenda because it denies the right to rise above the average through hard work. It is political but denies it.
If you believe in..
a) Hard work.
b) Developing your talents.
c) Thinking in original ways.
You may be accused of 'privilege'.
If you point out the personality faults of someone who is different from you (however true this may be) you will be called 'sexist' or 'racist'.
In other words we see a highly political group of zealots projecting their zealotry on to basically non political people. It is very easy to set these guys off on to a rampage. They will try to reverse the truth if they can. They will deny their own agenda while projecting one on to you.
The first line of defense is to make it clear that you are non political- and it is true! All we wish to do on blogs such as this one is to find a way to be free. We have no intention to impose our will upon others and in this sense we are non political.
The second line of defense is to get VERY POLITICAL INDEED. Point out that we have a Conservative Prime Minister who has said he is in favour of hard work and achievement. Tell them that they are breaking the law by reserving all the top jobs for Marxists and fellow travelers. Get a dictionary out and remind them of the actual definition of the word 'equal' and the word 'democracy'.
Attack, attack, attack.


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