Alpha action!

How many men can be Alpha? Mystery would probably tell you that the number is small and that the only way to maintain alpha is to push other men into beta status.
This idea- common among alpha types- is the greatest threat facing men today. It is the real reason why men in authority will not come to the aid of other men. Quite simply- the men who run our society at present believe that the biggest threat they face is other potential alphas. As a result they will crush their fellow man and favor their private harem of female hangers on who are usually feminists. Dominant gorillas do the same thing.
If you are a member of an insecure elite the first thing you do is eliminate younger male rivals. This may be called Ethnic Cleansing or feminism. In reality there is no difference as the purge is always directed at younger men. Feminism is actually a fantastically brutal AMOG by which men are symbolically castrated by women.
The interesting thing is that game is becoming less brutal with age because TRUE alphas- the great leaders- build up the men who surround him and this is why he can count upon their loyalty. The man who is admired by other men is truly irresistible to women- and the best way to be admired by a man is to help him become a true alpha himself.


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