Alpha mirroring

Alpha mirroring is the phenomena by which a woman who is attached to an Alpha man takes on Alpha characteristics of her own. The first thing you will notice about her is her posture, she walks with an upright grace and smiles often. She is outgoing and friendly and seems not to have a care in the world.
Unfortunately we also see Beta mirroring where a woman succeeds in undermining her man through various shit tests. This has the effect of making the man Beta (twitchy and submissive, indecisive, reclusive and risk adverse) without benefiting the woman in any way. In fact she will resent the man for his Betadom and will destroy him in a death of a thousand cuts.
On occasion I have seen Beta men destroy women in exactly the same way- a drip drip campaign of invalidation but I have never seen an Alpha woman bring her man to a state of Alpha with her. This may be because Alpha woman are simply not drawn to Beta men and so they never get together in the first place.
There is absolutely no downside to Alpha either for yourself or those around you. Go get some today!!


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