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There are three new sections on this site that you may like to look at.
Firstly, I have some free books for download and they are all smashers!
I have the Alpha Strategy that I have linked to previously. This is a finance book that is much loved by survivalists. It amounts to an each way bet on the future. Heads (disaster) you win. Tails (prosperity) you still do OK.
Next, the all time classic The Book of Pook. This book almost defies classification. I describe it as inner game but it is really about finding the true nature of man and woman. It can change your life.
Next we have Bishop's Journal and Patterns, Poems and Stories which are both compendiums of Speed Seduction pattens that have worked for other people. These two books are more useful than most paid for services because they get to the core of how the science works. It is not a description of how Speed Seduction is supposed to work- it is the real nuts and bolts.
I am also creating a useful resource out of the current mess that make up the reference pages of the blog. So far I am only happy with my Survival C.V. More will follow.
I am also accepting donations. I am unemployed and in deep trouble- but this is not why you should help. I aim to spend every penny on things that help both myself and others.
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