An accidental gigolo

I have been poor and unemployed (and yet unaccountably popular with femaile lawyers, an independenty wealthy artist and a genetic scientist.)
Now it looks as if I might live a normal life once again- and yet I would like to understand what accounts for my recent popularity and work out what to do about it. It seems that I accedentaly came to match the profile of a sucessful male escort.
Women generally do not pay for sex. They pay to have their psycological needs met. Very often this includes sexual validation but it is the validation that is central- not the sex.
Male escorts listen more than they speak. They show an uncritical appreciation of the woman and simply let her BE. When women talk about just wanting respect from men they actually mean this. By 'respect' they do not mean slavish subservience which bores them- or chivalry which is respect for an ideal fantasy women. They mean respect for who they really are.
This is what I gave there wealthy women. My reaction was one of relief because I was at last meeting women who were my conversational equal. It was (and is) such a relief to meet women who can run their end of the conversation without my having to feed them lines or think five steps ahead to prevent awkward silences! I love the way these women groom themselves (never a hair out of place, every item coordinated). I love to hear of the lives they lead (stories about Cherie Blair that I would LOVE to tell you but will not) and above all I love the alpha gaze. I love the way they introduce themselves to you and look you in the eye three seconds too long. It is a look that says 'Hmmm... maybe'.
In short I have reversed the sexual attraction process. Everything that women find attractive in men I now find attractive in these alpha girls. Alpha girls do the pursuing (it makes them feel more alpha to do so).
The problem is not compatibility, or sex but money. These women want to buy me things in order to feel close to me. What is the point of being rich if one cannot share? Unfortunately I cannot (yet) allow them to do so.
So.. I put them off.. and work in my dead end job.. and wonder what I am missing.


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