Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is big business whether you believe in global warming or not (I do, but this is a separate issue). Many employers have a policy of preferring low carbon suppliers and it is quite easy to do this.
I start with a natural advantage because my income is quite low. This means that I travel by public transport and do not consume very much of anything. There is always a way to turn anything to the good.
It is possible to reduce my carbon footprint still further by following the advice of the Energy Saving Trust. Doing so will generally also save money.
The other side of the equation is to offset carbon emissions in various ways. My own chosen methods are to support Kew Gardens and the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust allow me to sponsor trees in the United Kingdom and send me a certificate and a map to tell me where it is.
This has the added advantage of creating new woodland. There is nothing more relaxing than a walk in the wild wood. Parkland does not quite do it for me for some reason. I believe that many of the UK's problems (divorce, obesity, social isolation) would be helped if everyone walked a mile a day and got some perspective on their life.


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