Where do Men Going Their own Way go?

All the best MGTOW blogs disappear sooner or later. I always promised myself that I would not do this with my own effort -Carnival of Reaction but it has happened anyway.
It is a natural progression. Men Going Their Own Way are actually Nice Guys. They have given so much of themselves that there is nothing left. They simply had to retreat because they were utterly exhausted. Most of them had given everything they had and so they were empty.
MGTOW was not a choice for them. It was survival.
Most of the time MGTOW works. The writers recover and look to the world. Many even become boyfriend material, fall in love and suddenly the world looks good again. This time they keep a little of themselves back and no not let themselves be abused. They delete their blog with no explanation.
Many of my old posts were written in amazement at the willingness of men to be managed by women. It was not anger that made me write but surprise that so few could see it. It was simply interesting to me.
Nevertheless this is not the way the posts read to me now.
I came across as defeated, bitter and angry. These were not emotions I was aware of within myself but I think they must have been there. I wanted to delete the lot.
Nevertheless I remembered my promise to myself- and saved as many of my posts as I felt I could. They have been transferred to this site and the old site closed.
Maybe someone should make it his business to save the best MGTOW posts out there. They will almost certanly dissapear in a puff of electrons one morning if this is not done.


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