Chicken Game

Chickens may be delicious but they are also cruel.
Each chicken has her place on the pecking order. The top chicken may peck at all her subordinates without being pecked in return. Most chickens are somewhere in the middle of the order. They may peck some chickens and be pecked by others. There is also a chicken at the bottom of the heap who is pecked at by all.
This is something like the brutal dating scene we find in the feminist countries. Some men are labeled omegas early on in life. We can identify this man because he is treated with contempt by all the women around him. This may be subtle or obvious. 'Pecking' varies from sighing and rolling of eyes every time a man speaks and goes right up to sexual harassment accusations. The point is that this 'pecking' reminds everyone- male and female- where they stand in the social hierarchy. Omega status therefore becomes accepted by all- even the omega himself.
Game is the act of rejecting ones status. A man may receive sexual abundance once he reaches Alpha- but simply reaching Beta may be an achievement if you were previously an Omega. Omegas are often bullied by female bosses and co workers. Simply raising oneself to a beta in their eyes may make it possible to do ones job for the first time.
It is possible that game may one day create a more humane and egalitarian society by granting Omegas the same social status as human beings.


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