Work Game

I talked in a previous post about using game to gain cooperation at work. I personally believe that a woman is incapable of fully cooperating with a man she holds in sexual contempt. She may intend to do so out of her job description but there will always be something missing. A man must therefore game the women he works with in order to get his job done. This does not mean that he must become overtly sexual with them. The object is not to seduce them but to establish that he is the alpha and that they are happy to cooperate with him. Do not put up with work based 'shit tests' as they will only stop you doing your job.
What follows is a true account of what occurred in my life yesterday. I am currently unemployed but working hard to resolve this. This means that I have zero legitimate social status and would normally expect to be treated with a polite contempt from the women I meet.
The problem with this from an unemployed man's perspective is that most personnel departments and most government agencies are run by women. Their contempt for him as a man will damage his chances greatly.
This is an account of my day yesterday.
9.00am I visit my local volunteer agency. I flash a big alpha smile at the receptionists and they answer in stereo 'good morning!' I am dressed in a battered primark jacket that is one step above scarecrow. I suspect that most men are expected to hover around until one of them makes eye contact.
I am shown upstairs and fill in a volunteer form that asks what type of work I would like to do. I tell the organiser off in a good natured way for having 'women's groups' and not 'men's groups' listed. He promises to change this. I feel he is following the lead of the receptionists who think I am alpha.
9.40am I return home and phone up Families Need Fathers- and explain that I would need a travel pass into London if I were to volunteer for them. She seems positive because I explained this upfront.
12.00am Adult education centre for a test. I am approached by a woman I do not immediately recognise- 'Hullo Richard' she runs her finger across my back. I realise that she was from an interview workshop I had attended previously.
04.30pm I pass the test and now need a letter from the authorities stating I am on benefits so that I can take the next course. I use the free phone in the office to contact admin and find myself talking to a Scottish girl. I explain my situation and add that I am excited to be on the course. This makes me a human being and she brightens up immediately (she probably took the job to help people). I thank her in a genuine way and she wishes me luck in the future. I am sure the letter will arrive.
Why am I telling you this?
1) In each incident I obtained cooperation above the minimum by assuming an alpha, positive persona.
2) Alpha brings out the best in women. Each of these incidents brightened the day of the woman concerned.
3) Sex is never far behind the cooperation- note the finger across the back incident. It appears quite innocent to a bystander but feels delicious.
4) Do not seduce the women in work game. Wait for them to seduce you.
There is nothing particularly remarkable about these events. Women will cooperate and show respect provided one seems alpha at the time. This is not dependent upon looks or real social status. Some of you will think that I am talking nonsense because women have always treated you in this way. Congratulations! You are an alpha!! Some of you will imagine that I must be doing something extraordinary to get these modest results. This is because you are currently beta and it proves my point. Just be alpha.


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