Day two - Dumplings

Today I found a way to save an additional one pound a month.
�09.00 electronic scales.
�12.00 eight small china serving pots.
�03.99 one large kilner jar.
�24.99 TOTAL.
The electronic scales allow me to produce English dumplings to the following recipe.
150g self raising flour. (Stored in the kilner).
075g butter.
Salt, pepper and herbs to taste.
Simply mix all together with a little water to make dough balls (not too sticky) and pop them in a stew about 10 mins before the end. This is cheaper and tastier than bread. Simple! Dumplings are supposed to be peasant food but TV cooks make a dreadful fuss.
The china serving pots allow me to cook in bulk and then store individual portions in the freezer until needed.
This is both time and energy efficient and should save at least this sum each month. My investment will pay for itself in two years.


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