Popcorn and Austrian Economics

Austrian Economists believe the recession will only end when consumers and governments have paid their debt. Only then will it be possible to begin spending again.
If this is the case (and it makes sense to me) we are looking toward a Japanese type recession which may continue for twenty years. We entered this recession in a much worse state than Japan because both governments and households were in debt while the Japanese are great savers. Japan also entered its own recession at a more favorable time- when much of the rest of the world was doing well and thus able to buy Japanese goods.
In order to survive a long recession it is necessary to have a stock of very cheap treats. Not even survivalists can live without things to look forward to.
One solution is popping corn. This is cheap (65p per 500g) but makes a very large volume of popcorn. Simply lubricate the bottom of a saucepan with some oil to stop them sticking- but not too much or the corn will fry and not pop. Heat the corn under a moderate flame until you hear it pop. Do not take the lid off!!
You will end up with a saucepan of popcorn for about 5p. This is great fun for kids as well.
Popping corn stored in jars also give the kitchen a farmhouse feel.


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