Declaration of independence

Governments tend to move to the left under stress. There is a natural tendency among leaders to regulate half the world and and tax the other. Unfortunately the electorate will follow any leader who appears resolute in a crisis and this paves the road to tyranny. The current US president plays this role to perfection. He radiates charisma but says nothing which alows each voter to project their saviour fantasies on to him. Even his campaign slogans are completely meaningless. The term 'Change we can believe in' is circular as well as being an NLP trance inducer. The only really consistent policy he has seems to have is the relentless march of regulation. He does not speak to the mind but to the emotions. By obeying and believing in him the public can find purpose and hope. This is not a democratic instinct.
It follows from this that democracy is more fragile than we think. The president is no Hitler or Mussolini but the people have demonstrated their willingness to follow a messiah. The answer is more independent thinkers. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to work for a government project and not be sucked into a stateist mentality. People like to believe they are doing something useful and so they will come to believe that their project is vital. Economic independence must precede independent thought. Alpha Strategists become economically independent by default. On one hand we are unlikely to require welfare but on the other hand we invest in gold which is hard to trace and easy to hide. This means that we become champions of liberty without even intending it.


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