Men without skin

I am grateful that my MGTOW readers have stuck with me even though I write about so many other things these days. Furthermore many of them link to me. A couple of examples can be found here and here MGTOW blogs tend to go through a life cycle rather like the life cycle of an insect. These blogs are at their newest and angryiest. The irony is that MGTOW guys are generally good men who love women so much that they cannot set limits. It is rather like living without skin. He gives and gives and gives but receives nothing in return. In order to survive he must live alone because the alternative is too painful. Sometimes these blogs will suddenly disappear only to reappear later on in another form. This is generally caused by the man falling in and out of love. Despite all of the harshness many MGTOW types are romantics and fall in love easily. Men such as this are used to being insulted by women (and do not deserve it) and so I would like to make it clear that when I say 'without skin' I do not mean 'without balls'. I mean that MGTOW men are probably a little more genuine and a little more honest with women than is good for them. They are too decent for this world basically.
Sometimes MGTOW blogs will disappear for good. This happens when the writer has achieved a degree of emotional independence and possibly some game. He looks back on his MGTOW days and can hardly understand his own writings without experiencing pain and so he deletes the whole thing. I was tempted to do this a year or too back but overcame it. I link to these 'raw' blogs because they can say things and access emotions that I can no longer connect with. It is important to remember that the days of MGTOW anger are part of the healing process. The fact that we pass through them and find personal power the other side does not mean that this stage is invalid.
The MGTOW movement is a rejection of Niceguy status on the Alpha Scale. Generally the MGTOW graduate will move rapidly upwards and may become an Alpha in a year or two. This is not done to get laid but to live more fully.


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