Dumplings are great! Dumplings are cheap! Dumplings are high calorie and filling! (Mine do not look like this)
I bought a bag (1 kg) of self raising flour today because it was very cheap (28p) and because this is something 'proper' survivalists do. The great thing about flour is that it is a dry food so a single kilo of flour can make more than a kilo of bread or dumplings.
Actualy I have been experimenting with dumplings on and off all day. There are a surprising number of different kinds. The easiest to make is something the Jamaicans call 'Jack'. This simply involves splashing some milk and self raising flour together to make a non sticky dough. Then squish it together and fry it slowly with some oil. The instructions are a bit confused but the final result tastes OK. English dumplings require self raising flour but also require suet which is bad for you. Most Jamaican boiled dumplings rely upon non raising flour which I do not have.
Dumplings are now a standard austerity food of mine- quite apart from the survival value.


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