I become a Labrador puppy

I have never been successful with women but it would be more honest to say that I had given up.
I decided to deal with this problem by studying the pickup gurus. This placed an extra layer of theory on top of my excuses. Most of these guys were much younger than me and recommended approaching women in nightclubs and grabbing their attention with a variety of flashy tricks.
It was absolutely fascinating and I sat in the corner of the room and saw everything in a whole new light.
Nevertheless.. nothing changed for me. Until last week.
I had recently lost my job and had time to study- an boy, is there a lot of study in pick up! Pick up is a science invented by nerd. These nerds studied the secrets of the so called 'naturals' who did all the right things by instinct. You cannot ask a natural what his secret is- he will probably have no idea. He cannot understand the problem. Girls love sex, right?
There are a number of systems that will mimic the attraction switches native to naturals. Unfortunately they tended to put me into my head and make me more nerdy than before.
The Natural does not 'try'. The Natural simply 'is'. This is why he is so bewitching to the female species.
How do you get from one state to the other? Faith. This is not faith in God but faith in the system. I felt something very strange happen to me as I listened to the 'blueprint decoded'. It felt that somehow the organs in my chest were being rearranged. It became blindingly obvious that I had created the entire problem myself.
This was not an intellectual understanding- I had understood this for some time.
This was not positive thinking or hype.
This was entering a parallel universe.
I was so excited that I joined a singles meetup (meetup.com) and headed out in the calm certainty that everything would be different.
And it was... I met the women that only Naturals meet. Intelligent, thoughtful, sexy and strangely transfixed by all that I said.
Even stranger.. this was not surprising to me. It was as if this had been happening all of my life and I would have been surprised at any woman who was not interested in me.
I enjoyed the attention but felt no desire to set up multiple dates. This was not fear but an abundance mentality. I felt that this attention would always be there for me so I was in no hurry. I felt like a Labrador puppy running from girl to girl- and loved by them all. Labradors are lovable because they have no fear. They think you will love them and so you cannot help but do so. Naturals are quite similar and I seemed to have become one without any real work on my part.
Actually, becoming a natural was one of my main life goals.
I even had a strange 'psychic' experience that I have not yet worked out. I could feel the most delicious sexual energy coming from each women- but most strongly from an Indian hippy chick who was a member of a law of attraction group- she was drawing men to her by simple desire.
Well.. since then my life has been fantastic. I talk to women on trains and buses but mainly on meetup groups. They are all friendly and if I find them attractive I make love to them. Sometimes they say no but it is taken as a compliment and not sexual harassment.
I am going out again tonight (meetup again). I will talk to many women and I may go home with one. In fact I am not bothered much either way. I will simply enjoy the moment like a Natural.
I would like you to look the photograph that was taken on yet another meetup. I am engaged in a three way conversation between a German girl, a sweet Japanese girl and an Italian. I am a middle aged man who is overweight and cheaply dressed and my facial expressions seem to be deeply weird- and yet I seem to have become a natural. Like every other natural I have no idea what is going on. It is simply that every woman I meet now seems to be friendly.
I suppose I should be afraid of slipping back to my old ways and yet my heart says the change is permanent. I will try not to ruin it with thought.
I have not written this to boast but to give you hope. Most of my readers are younger and fitter than me. Look at the photograph and realise that you can do anything this fat fool can do.


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