English survivalism

English survivalism differs from the US variety in two respects. Firstly, there is no 'bugging out' to some pristine wilderness because we are a small and crowded island. There is very little wilderness to be had.
Secondly, we do not carry guns. The US survivalists are quite right to fear the breakdown of order in a society where gun ownership is common. If my neighbours had guns I would make sure I had them too.
Many US survivalists have a years worth of food along with a generator and a water purifier. It would be worth killing a man for such treasure if the alternative were starvation. Unfortunately I have neither the money nor the room to store anything worth killing me for. The only way I can survive is to form alliances with others. I will share with you freely.
My priority is water. I have discovered a sparkling drink in Aldi that is made from real strawberry. In comes in a useful reusable bottle and costs 69p. I will eventually store 100 litres of water in this way.


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