Everyday Hazard Survivalism (Ghost Nation Wiki)

Everyday hazard survivalism is a two stage process.
1) Identify the the threats that exist in real life- not just the imaginations of newspaper editors.
2) Identify cost effective ways to deal with these dangers without withdrawing from life or becoming odd in any way.
Here are the top ten causes of accidental death in the United States.
You will note that this excludes illness and assault. This is because illness will get us all in the end. The big two are cancer and heart attack.
1) Road Traffic Accident.
This is by far the greatest cause of death in healthy adults. You might think that this may change in less developed nations but in fact the death toll is even greater in developing nations despite fewer people having cars.
Use public transport if you can.
2) Falling off things.
This commonly occurs at home where no help is available. Workplace accidents are declining steadily in the advanced nations.
3) Poisoning.
People love to change the doses of their medicines. There are also many new age authorities advising toxic overdoses of vitamins and minerals.
4) Fire and smoke inhalation.
I thought this would be higher.
5) Drowning.
6) Choking.
7) Medical complications and errors.
8) Shooting yourself!
9) Getting run over while a pedestrian.
10) Electrocution.
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