The Natural art of Seduction


This book will probably be the last book that I will read on the subject. Most people should make it their first.
The first thing I noticed when the book arrived was that the author looked like a male model. This is a big problem for professional pick up gurus- it helps to be ugly and still get the girls. Richard comes across as one of the very few pick up artists I would enjoy spending time with for its own sake. He is a great simplifier of things (always good in a teacher) and incorporates other systems into his own without labouring the issue too much.
Richard La Runia is a believer in natural game. This involves being ones best self rather than running routines. Most pick up gurus tend to generate a great deal of theory that puts the student into their own heads far too much. When they are not giving their students scripts and hundred point checklists they can go esoteric and spiritual- which tend to make the student believe they have to become someone else before truly being themselves.
The great thing about the book is that it concerns itself with things the student can actually control- such as his own behaviour. The author believes there are three helpful states for the artist to adopt.
Life and soul of the party- friendly to everyone.
Caring and making deep connections.
This speaks for itself.
Almost all problems with women come from not passing through these stages correctly. I was chronically stuck in stage two before I found game. I was a really nice, caring guy (and we all know what happens to these). I had no real sexual vibe about me so women would ask if I were gay. I also had difficulty in meeting women because I was not very outgoing and feared rejection. Once I learned a little game I became more outgoing and have women opening up to me far more. In fact women have become far more pleasant in general. Unfortunately my sex life has changed very little.
I realise two things.
1. There is nothing wrong with being nice! My problem was that nice was all I was.
2. Not everyone enters game for the same reasons. I wanted some respect from women at work and this has now been achieved. I am a romantic and would rather fall in love than bang a stripper in a club toilet.
The reason I like natural game is that it is enjoyable for its own sake. The natural can enjoy every stage of the process because he is himself. I can think of nothing less appealing than going out six days a week and approaching twenty women a night with the same old lines.
In short.. buy this book!


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