Five roads to freedom

This post is the cumulation of everything I have previously written (basically a description of the problem). My aim is now to find solutions. I believe there are five roads to freedom. Any man may choose these roads but none of them are without cost. You may even travel down more than one at a time, but you will do better if you choose a primary road and follow it to the end.
Each of these roads has a dedicated page on this blog. If you are interested in finding out more simply click on the links to the right of the page. Specific escape plans will not be covered much in general posts such as this one.
METHOD ONE. Character makes a man bullet proof. He does the right thing regardless of the opinions of others. This means that shaming tactics simply do not work. It also means that other men are drawn to him like a magnet because they instinctively know he may be relied upon. He is also irrisistable to women but this is not his reason for being.
METHOD TWO. This concerns itself with the science of Game. Game can be a potent means of developing social skills. You may tell a man that he needs to control his interacions with women and he will listen politely- but if you tell him this will get him laid he will listen avidly!
METHOD THREE. Many men are living abroad with traditional woman. This section will give approximate costings of the various options.
METHOD FOUR. Going ghost. Some men reach a point where culture can no longer hurt them. This is typically done in three stages. First, they feel pain but do not really know where it comes from. Then they wake up and realize that it is feminism. They become angry for a whale and then simply shrug their shoulder and move on. They attain a state that is rather like Buddhist detachment- they watch feminists and their puppets rage on and feel no connection to the insanity. It is quite impossible to insult or upset a man who has gone ghost- but unfortunately it is also hard to make him commit to what is good. Very often men who go their own way will simply go into the freedom they have found. They feel no pain or anger and so have nothing to write about.
METHOD FIVE. Religion has a sort of immunity from political correctness. This is quite strange as most PC folk say they are atheists. The Church of England has become thoroughly feminist and is dead on its feet. The only anti feminist churches are the various West African denominations. These churches are winning white converts in large numbers. If you believe in God you may find it convenient to hide behind an ethnic church.


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