Game is a yellow canary

In days gone by miners would take a canary with them into the mine. This was because canaries are more sensitive to noxious gasses and will die of them before a man even feels ill.
Women are very similar. They can discover character weaknesses in a man that he will never discover for himself. It is very powerful because it takes something that is very hurtful (the drama of women) and turns it into an asset for the man it is directed against.
The first thing women tan teach you is your place upon the male heirarchy.
If you are an Alpha- then women are a delight.
If you are a Beta- then women are romantic but not sexual. They see you as a provider or a good friend and taxi driver.
If you are an Omega- then you are invisible or treated with contempt.
I have spent some time looking at the way women behave towards me. I believe they see me as not sufficiently masculine and will sometimes tear into me with unprovoked attacks for this reason. This is entirely unjustified but I have been able to learn from it nevertheless.
I have a tendency to avoid conflict and a tendency not to complete things. I can now resolve within myself- not for their benefit but my own.


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