Things I like about liberals

For the Liberal- intent is everything. Results nothing.A while ago it occurred to me that there was not a single liberal that I could name as an honest human being.
This worried me. It reminded me far too much of the way feminists talk about men. Maybe I was as bad as them?
For this reason I set out to write the hardest post of my life. I aimed to find everything that is good in the opposing gang.
Liberals generally call this sort of thing sexual harassment.THINGS I LIKE ABOUT LIBERALS.
1) Liberals are often gentle, thoughtful and intelligent individuals. I know this because they usually do quite demanding jobs. They do their best to be open minded and genuinely appear to be listening when you talk to them. Unfortunately everything they hear is scrambled by their liberal 'education' and is never truly understood. They remain as unaware of the real world as a blind mole. They can be quite sweet but are clueless.
Liberals are so clueless they are rather sweet.2) Liberals often operate on the level of magical thinking. They believe terrorists will stop killing if we love them. They believe this because it would be 'nice'. On the personal level this can be quite charming such as the free hugs campaign, guerrilla gardening, the delightfully innocent we are what we do and the charmingly insane real life superheroes. Liberals are actually overgrown children. They want the world to be lovely and sulk when it is not. They should be loved and cared for but kept away from matches and political power.
Tony Benn sending a young supporter off to be a hostage for Saddam. He did not go himself.3) The most popular politician in the UK is probably Tony Benn who was born in 1925 and has moved steadily to the left his entire life. Like many socialists he was born to privilege but flew as a pilot with the RAF in the second world war. He later renounced his title but not his socialism. Tony Benn generally talks liberal tosh but somehow he appears to be a decent man and not a hypocrite and has never been corrupt. He is shown here signing the belly of a teenage fan- he was 80 at the time but was still able to recruit willing hostages for Saddam Hussein. Unlike the current crop of castrated nobodies that make up liberal politics in the UK he is not ashamed of being a man. Unfortunately these qualities were not inherited by his son Hilary Benn MP who is the ultimate mangina and New Labour careerist doublespeak merchant. A revolting specimen on every level.
Liberal men often combine a horror of masculinity with excessive facial hair. Some of the women too.4) Liberals can sometimes ask the right questions even if their answers are always wrong. Right now the buzz word among certain liberals is 'transition'. This is the belief that the advanced economies are entering a prolonged period of crisis brought about by peak oil and the credit crunch. Unfortunately neither of these problems can be solved by applying 'big government' solutions because the state is bankrupt even at its present size. If the economy begins to shrink as a result of rising oil prices it will mean that the state will have to shrink as well.
Liberal efforts to hijack transition generally center around the New Economics Foundation in the UK. They try to link transition with an egalitarian economic model that is driven by value judgments rather than economic calculation. Nevertheless they cannot 'un ask' a question once it has been asked. Governments of all kinds have tried to stimulate economic growth by expanding credit and debt. The result has been exactly as the reactionary Austrian school predicted it would be. Unfortunately the New Economics Foundation recommend boosting credit by means of complementary currencies and schemes to tie money down to particular locations. This resembles the developmentalism that wrecked much of Africa and is the last gasp of liberalism in the area of economics. The irony is that ANY discussion of the real issues will only bring about a smaller state. Unfortunately the guys at the NEF are too intelligent and too honest to avoid the real issues.


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