Gentlemen, beware James Bond

Feminism tells us we are all James Bond- sexually potent but unavailable and more than able to handle ourselves in a fight.
This may seem a strange thing to say. When was the last time feminism ever said anything good about us? The truth is that feminism takes these qualities and reverses them. Sexually potent becomes sexual predator, unavailable becomes emotionally constipated and so on. Nevertheless men believe these insults because we all want to be James Bond.
In fact most of the stereotypes available to us are nothing more than the sexual fantasies of women. James Bond is the bad boy. It is possible to get a great deal of sex by playing this guy in the nightclub but it is not possible to be truly yourself or even have a real relationship with women if one is playing a role.
Ultimately I believe the real game is becoming our authentic selves. It is easy for me to say this in middle age because my hormones have subsided somewhat. At eighteen I would probably have adopted any persona that helped me get the girl. In fact it is quite harmless to adopt a persona for a while- provided one does so as a game. We should not forget who we are.


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