I visit a lair (Magnetic Man)

Last night I attended my first lair meeting. I suspect that the organisers would not like the term (they are anti bullshit and anti manipulation) and yet it was a lair. First impressions? I was the first man there and was met by Kalpna, an ethereal hippy chick (apparent girlfriend and poster girl for the methods effectiveness). She was one of those terrifyingly intuitive types who look into a mans soul whenever she glances at him. We made a little small talk while she fixed me with her brown eyes which was both unnerving and pleasant at the same time. This was an odd sensation that I will have to get over if I am to meet higher quality women.
I talked to each of the men who arrived. They were older than I thought they would be (between 35 and 55 I would guess) and very conventional in appearance. I would place them in the exact middle of average when it came to looks and style.
The show begins with the arrival of the John Morgan. Normally I feel the need to test alpha guys but this man was the real deal. He did not talk about himself at all- everyone just assumed that he must be good with women- which probably means that he is. He held court in the center of the room without appearing to seek the role- the most natural of naturals. He proceeded to to tell us about the Magnetic Man which is (according to him) a guy who has developed certain masculine traits that cause women to go instantly wet. The whole thing was gloriously politically incorrect. Men should always be the leader, always choose for women in restaurants and so on. Kalpna gazed up at him as if transfixed. She then explained how it felt to meet such a man. Explaining how her body responded and how she could become instantly aroused. I have heard such things before and believe it is true FOR HER but that the majority women are afraid to truly be women. She was so in touch with her feelings that she gave an unconscious erotic display as she told us these things- stroking her own body and even appearing aroused at the mere thought. Equally she showed distress as she described a man getting it wrong. She went even further in the 'man should lead' theme and talked of women's desire to obey. This is a secret fantasy that many women are too scared to admit even to themselves.
All in all it was a gloriously anti feminist evening and I will try to be there every Tuesday from 7pm. If you would like to come then get an invite via meetup.com. The event is called Real Human Contact.


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