The new survivalism

There is a saying within the media that three people make a trend. In other words all it takes to create a new media sensation is for three similar people to turn up at a single dinner party where a journalist is present. One such trend is towards a new, more affluent survivalism that often re brands itself as Prepping. I normally ignore the delusional fevers of media folk but this article seems to have hit a nerve and is much linked to.
The New Survivalsim is an opportunity for reactionaries such as ourselves because it takes some of our ideas and injects them into the mainstream. Nobody has money to invest in survival unless they are near to the centre of power.
I work in London and most of the people I know have a gym membership. This is expensive- typically between �60 and �100 a month. I am proposing a completely new form of association- the survivalist association. Membership of a survivalist association would cost about the same but would offer career benefits as well as some of the health benefits offered by the health clubs.
So how would it work?
Members would pay a monthly sum and would be invited to attend classes resulting in certificates in self defence, first aid and computer security (how to encrypt emails and so on). There would also be anti terrorist and fire fighting modules. All of these skills make one a better employee. Members would take part in 'outward bound' type activities that are supposed to make one a better manager.
Men generally bond over activities rather than emotions and many good friendships will be formed over a map and a compass. Survivalism could also become a great way to get fit. There are people who find running on a treadmill tiresome but who would find task oriented exercise more rewarding.
A survivalist association with a thousand members paying sixty pounds a month would have an income of �72,000 a year. This would allow for the purchase of land that will be farmed at weekends as a hobby. Many wealthy people are used to paying a premium for organic food and growing ones own is an extension of this. The chief advantage from our point of view is that it would bring our ideas into the mainstream. Wealthy people are also well connected people and our ideas will never become normal until we recruit the people (Judges, police officers, MP's) who decide what is normal and what is not.
An additional source of money income would be a wholesale operation operating from a secure warehouse. The member would benefit from lower food prices with the added benefit that unsold stock would be available in a crisis even when the supermarkets are empty.
I am hoping that some guy out there will take this up as a business opportunity. I will support it if I can and think it could work.


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