I want to see my Stasi flie

When the Berlin wall fell the new united government did something rather brave. It let every citizen of the former GDR read their Stasi file.
The GDR had possibly the best organized bureaucracy of repression ever devised and a good proportion of the population were informers. Generally speaking nothing happened to those who were informed upon- but everything (rumor, political speculation and spite) was written down and followed the citizen everywhere.
This is rather like corporate life in the feminist countries. We have our own 'soft' Stasi in the Human Resources department. They have no gulag but everything you say will be taken down and used against you. Maybe you told a non PC joke? If somebody reported you it is on your file.
We need to give people the right to see what is on their HR file. This will keep HR from putting things on your file that do not belong there. It will also prevent management from setting political traps. Very often management will send a busy manager on a time consuming equal opportunities workshop. If he does not turn up then his career will be blighted when his only crime is putting the job first.
Snooping and privacy matter to a great many people- far more people than currently agree with us.


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