Tyler from RSD
A fundamental concept in game is that a man must have an attractive identity. All of the great seduction gurus have achieved their success with women largely due to their identity rather than their lines or methods. Mystery is an illusionist and TV star. Style is a writer who hangs out with rock stars. Tyler travels with an entourage of interns and admirers which treat him like a rock star and so on. I guarantee you that any of us would do nearly as well given the same identity.
This does not mean that gurus are out and out frauds. Their advice is often good- but it will not work in your home town where everyone knows you as the local nerd. To be fair, all of the gurus admit that a strong identity is needed.
We need to find a new identity for ourselves. This does NOT involve lies. It is more a matter of finding ones true self and then being that person.
In order to do this we must first be absolutely honest about our old 'bad' identity. This is the reason we are not getting the respect we deserve- and we can only understand the problem is with brutal honesty.
So here it comes (with brutal honesty), my old identity.
1) Middle aged man who has not achieved very much. Partially employed (by choice) because he wishes to study game and hang out with fellow losers and conspiracy freaks.
2) Uneducated despite high IQ
3) Overweight and unsuccessful with women. Bitter former nice guy and emotional vampire.
4) A failure in life who insists upon advising others how to live their own lives. Combines poor self image with an arrogant disdain for liberals and feminists.
Is it surprising that I was not attracting hot babes to my bed? Who would want to get involved with such a man? Nobody apart from the occasional woman with low self esteem and mental health issues!
So here is my new identity.

1) A young 46 year old who still has a sense of fun. A rebel and eternal student who refuses to sell his soul to the company store. Non conformist with his finger on the hidden London that few people see.
2) Highly educated despite having few paper qualifications. Widely travelled and widely read. I know how to buy airline tickets for �5 and book hostels for �4 a night. This means I can spend much of the year on holiday and can also offer this life to any woman who wishes to join me.
3) A home owner who spends approximately 26 weeks a year travelling or studying things that interest him. This is something few millionaires can afford to do.
4) A leader of men and a bad boy. My 'ghost nation' essay has been re posted all over the place and has even been made into a pod-cast. I have studied game, Austrian economics and other esoteric subjects that most people cannot imagine. I am a free man.


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