Is Game the death cry of civilisation

Is Game the death cry of civilisation? Think of sex obsessed Rome, think of the French aristocracy before the guillotine (most of the literature of this period was sex obsessed. The most famous of which was de Sade who gave us the word Sadism). All civilisations so far have been Patriarchal at their birth and Matriarchal at their death. This has always been accompanied with a universal obsession with sex that becomes the main business of society so that all other matters are neglected.
Civilisations are born when matriarchal tribes become patriarchies. Once rules are established on sexual conduct it is possible to think of other things. Matriarchies (where there are no rules on sexual conduct) produce nothing but drama that absorbs all the energies of the group. Under matriarchy childcare is a collective effort by women with little input from men beyond the necessary sperm donation. This means that a minority of men father most of the children. These are generally the greatest thugs and those with natural game. Over time this even alters the genetic makeup of the human race. It is no coincidence that the men with the largest penises and relatively small brains (Africans) lived under a matriarchal tribal system for a longer period than did Europeans. This is simple evolution.
Many people will object to this statement call me 'racist'. This is wrong because evolution is not yet finished and most African nations value patriarchy. This means that it is now the educated man who gets the girl. This has resulted in African men becoming obsessed with education and will eventually result in an increase in IQ throughout the society. We could find ourselves in a situation where African IQ is greater than European IQ within a hundred years.
Matriarchy and evolution have held humanity in a state of stagnation and paralysis for almost as long as there have been human beings. All of prehistory (about 250,000 years) appears to have been matriarchal and was as violent as it was stupid.
Why? It was simply that violence paid and invention did not. Why should any woman choose an intelligent but sexually uninteresting man if his inventiveness does not benefit her child in any way?
Women only began to choose intelligent or creative men when it paid them to do so- in other words, when patriarchy came along.
Patriarchy changed the course of human evolution.
Patriarchy is the reason we no longer grub for insects and roots in the frozen earth. Patriarchy is the reason we do not impress our girlfriends by killing other men.
If Patriarchy is civilisation then what is Game?
Game is the last chance of the civilised man under a fading patriarchy. Matriarchy is the death of civilization and the death of civilised man- but with Game he can imitate the savage or the bad boy and pass his genes on.


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