Is it purely money?

It is possible to be happy almost anywhere in this world.
It is just that it is more likely in some places than others. Most men need money, respect, some degree of security and, yes, a relationship.
Many of us in the west have become hardened and deny that we need women for anything at all. Well... the population is falling so the next generation need us to sort this problem even if we do not need to do so ourselves.
We need to find a place where the odds are in our favour.
The fact is that Western men carry prestige and respect almost everywhere- apart from our own countries.
Now, imagine that you are in this Colombian bar.
Why are these three Shakira's interested in you?
Is it purely money? Do they want you to pay for sex with dollars and a passport?
Or are there more honorable reasons. What might they be?
1) You are interesting. You have seen things and places they have only seen at the cinema.
2)You offer free language practice.
3) English men have a good reputation most places (with the exception of Russia for some reason).
4) They feel protective of you! Columbia is dangerous.
5) They assume that you are massively intelligent.
You may go a long time before a Western woman will really talk to you- I mean talk to you as if your answers were important. This is because our culture humiliates us and women are not interested in men who are humiliated. Traveling gives us the mystery and prestige we lack at home- some men use this for sexual adventure while others find that they can have genuine conversations with women for the first time. This would be my own choice.
There is a place in the world where you can have all the ingredients of happiness. A relationship, children, respect. Furthermore it is possible to walk into a good job simply because one is a foreigner.
There is less money- but this is less important than one might think.


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