Kate Moss in the nude

We are on the tail end of a debate about ultra skinny size zero models in the UK. The implicit assumption throughout this debate is that this is something forced upon women by men.
Yet I have never yet met a man who finds a starving woman attractive.
There are good evolutionary reasons for this. A woman is more likely to carry a child to completion if she is healthy and therefore men will tend to prefer this in a partner.
In fact if we were in a culture that valued the opinions of men we would not have a size zero issue at all.
It is the fashion industry that created this problem because of the unrepresentative groups that work in it. These are mainly gay men (who prefer adolescent boys to women) and heterosexual former models who are jealous of the power younger models have over men.
These two groups got together and made models resemble the adolescent boys gay men find attractive- while at the same time removing the models as a threat to the female managers.
We see once again that the best friend a woman has is a heterosexual man.


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