Reasons to be Alpha

Six months ago I took the worst job of my life. It was low paid, irregular and with no guaranteed minimum income. I took it for the worst and most desperate reasons- I was middle aged, white and male and had no other options. Furthermore I was facing eviction and was therefore in a poor negotiating position.
I could not even pay for my tube fare at first- so I walked across London twice a day for twelve weeks. This was humiliating on one level but I chose to take it as a shit test- and I passed by rising at four am and then working up to fourteen hours on boiled rice and black tea.
In fact I lost weight and found I had more energy as a result.
I passed my first shit test. More work came in and my income doubled.
The second shit test was exhaustion. I was working seven days a week by this time and I hit a brick wall. My body just refused to obey me one morning and I only made it out of bed through a supreme effort of will. The strange thing was that I was rewarded for this act by finding my second wind- all tiredness fell from me.
Each time I passed through what I thought were my limitations I surprised myself. I now realise I need only five hours sleep a night and thrive on it.
The third test was budgeting. Could I get out of debt or was I to be a lifetime slave? I am passing this test too- I think.
Looking back over this period I see that my disposable income (the only one that matters) has increased by about ten percent EACH MONTH. It is possible this will continue indefinitely.
It is exhausting and terrifying to treat everything that comes your way as a shit test- but this is the way to become Alpha. There is probably no other way.
It is true that my achievements are modest- find a crap job and keep on doing it- but life gives me larger and larger tests to pass. I have no idea where it will end.


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