More comedy

There is an anti semitic blog out there calling itself The Ghost Nation that has taken my 'Ghost Nation' essay as its own (but has not corrected the typo).
I wrote a disclaimer on my own blog to make it clear that I am not an anti Semite and to distance myself from his more authoritarian leanings- but I continue to allow him to use it because I simply want people to read my stuff.
Unfortunately the trouble with authoritarians is that they are- authoritarian. TGN has made a series of hilarious attacks on me claiming that he does not know who wrote the essay (but somehow he knows it is not me).
He has now added the following disclaimer of his own-
*The original author of the above essay stated years ago that he wished to remain anonymous as Internet records prove. It is common knowledge that real name of the author of the original essay is unknown. The essay is public domain. The original author is believed to be deceased as he was past retirement age when he wrote it. The website was not named after the above essay. It was named from a completely different essay that shall remain anonymous and unknown to everyone but the creator of this website.
So we learn that the I am not only unknown but that I am dead. Presumably the owner of The Ghost Nation contacted me in the spirit world as he admits he has not done so in this one. Indeed, he could not possibly have done so as he claims to be unaware of me (although apparently also obsessed by me). Furthermore there is a mysterious second essay with the same title as my own- but the author of The Ghost Nation chooses to keep it secret despite claiming his secret version is superior.
He is clearly a very strange man.
The good news is that I do seem to be annoying some feminists


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