The Science of Excuse

The ways in which men and women treat each other in various cultures is largely determined by the available excuses available to them to avoid sex.
I have always found moderate Moslem women exceptionally friendly. I believe that this is because the idea of them having sex with me is literally unthinkable because I do not share their religion. This means that they are free to be very 'real' with me without risking any sort of sexual attraction on their part. The same is true of Polish women (particularly the devout Catholics). They do not worry about courtship or attraction because their future is already decided- they will marry a Polish Catholic boy and have children. She has known this all her life and sees all other men as her brothers.
I have had friendships or meaningful moments with women of almost every nationality (the whole world comes to London) with one single exception- English girls. Why is it more difficult to have a meaningful conversation with an English girl? One reason may be that she has very few excuses not to sleep with me if she likes me. English girls are world famous for their sexual aggression when abroad. The only thing keeping them from behaving in the same way at home is fear for their reputation (sex on holiday does not count for some reason). Unfortunately she has no way to say 'no' without being rude. This is because she has no defense against sexual desire other than hostility. She cannot enjoy the company of a man she finds attractive because feminism has robbed her of any reason not to sleep with him.
Men suffer a similar problem. A man will often find himself enjoying the company of a woman but feels he should be moving things towards a sexual conclusion. This is because romance is seen as feminine. Many men seduce women they are not even interested in because they lack an excuse not to do so. Why are they in a sexless relationship? This appears freakish and emasculated and so they push forwards to a sexual conclusion that they do not even desire.
The gentleman identity can become a huge excuse not to make a relationship sexual. Simply look into a womans eyes and tell her that sex is a sacred thing to you. She will melt and feel that she has been transported to a romantic novel. She will also work harder at creating emotional connection between you.
It is quite possible to have romantic connections with multiple women. This is not sleazy or deceptive. You will share a starlight walk with one, a secret confession with another and so on. You may enjoy their panting desire for you as a result and only sleep with them when you are sure it will benefit you both. You must remember that men have exactly the same rights to veto sex as women. If a woman uses shaming language to get sex you should exclude her forever.
This is a beautiful, life enriching game for both of you if done correctly.


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