Not-getting-laid game

My game revolves around deliberately not getting laid. Many younger guys will scratch their heads at this (I am 50) and may be tempted to bring out the pop psychology. My take on it is quite simple.
1) Bad sex is over rated- and most one night stands involve bad sex for the man. The inauthentic patten of relationships established during the pickup are likely to continue between the sheets. In other words the PUA will continue to run 'routeens' on her except that they will be sexual routeens rather than verbal ones. The girl is likely to continue to go along for the ride and remain quite passive because this has worked for her up until that point. The result is inauthentic sex following an inauthentic pick up. This is great for superficial women (lots of passive orgasms) but not so great for the man. The chief benefit is probably the bragging rights.
Quite frankly- the Internet is more fun.
2) Why bother with women at all? I suppose one reason is that I need validation from them. I love it when they look at me as if I were the most wonderious thing they had ever seen. I want to be lost in that gaze and to bathe in it like a sea.
3) Once I separate my need for validation from the sex, everything becomes simple. I game women I am not even attracted to. This makes them happy and reminds them of their youth and beauty. They shine and even look a little younger as a result. Why not make people happy? I receive as much validation from this as from bad sex- and far fewer STD's.
4) The road is now open for romance. All my life I have been a 'good' lover in the sense that I can give orgasms. Unfortunately I get very little pleasure in return. This will not bother the average night club bimbo but it will bother the woman I fall in love with. I want to receive pleasure for the first time in my life and I want this to bring me close to another human being.
So there you have it. My game makes women feel desired and beautiful and it makes me feel like a player- but it avoids the one part of the pickup that I do not enjoy- the sex.


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