How to be an English Gentleman

George Clooney- you do not need to be English to be an English Gentleman.
The English Gentleman look is a universal aphrodisiac across the world. It is particularly powerful in anglosphere nations such as the United States. This may be because the USA is ruthlessly meritocratic so that you cannot have much status without wealth. This causes less wealthy yanks to look nostalgically to the British system which is based more upon how one conducts oneself. I am currently unemployed (and a lowly security guard when I am employed) and yet I get to be snobbishly superior to a certain kind of millionaire.
The English Gentleman archetype therefore offers an escape from vulgar consumerism and the worship of money. It speaks of a more humane world where everyone has value regardless of materiel success and where appreciation of art and music is more important than the size of ones home.
The English Gentleman is generally not rich. He is the ultimate 'high alpha' in that he has nothing to prove. He shows equal respect to everyone he meets- rich or poor.
Being an English Gentleman is very cheap. This is because most of his hobbies (art, opera, charitable works of various kinds) are subsidised by the state or entirely free. His clothing is expensive but lasts forever and looks better with age than when it is new.
The man who becomes an English Gentleman actually steps outside of all the status games that other men play. You absolutely cannot AMOG such a man because he is not interested in vulgar things. If you show him your new Ferrari he will admire it to make you happy but think you a vulgar fool. In reality the only thing you are proving to him is that you are not a gentleman.


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