Open Table (ChodeCard)

This is an interesting site. You may reserve a restaurant table online and receive points that may later be spent on meals. If you are doing this for Chode purposes (buying expensive meals to impress a woman)- stop it- but if you insist you should first do this free online wine course and be a well informed chode.
Chodes have such dismal lives that you will doubtless need a free electronic shrink. This is funded by the NHS and is science based, unlike most of the stuff out there.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (the system favored by the electronic shrink) helps an individual to find out exactly what is making him unhappy. If he a Chode he will realise this and need a plan to change his life. I would recommend the following free resources. The book of Pook, Bishops Journal, Pickup Podcast and Approach Anxiety. This amounts to hundreds of hours of material and means that you do not need to pay for anything. Also try PUA Lingo.


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