Not three, but six

It is commonly believed that there are three classes of men. Alpha, Beta and Omega.
I believe there are actually six. Let me explain.
HIGH ALPHA. This is the man one instinctively wishes to follow. There is nothing selfish or self serving about him, All his plans are for the common good and one instinctively knows he would take a bullet for you. He brings out the best in everyone around him and is delighted when everyone excels. The high alpha is not only the best friend a man could have but he is also a dream husband and father. A charismatic, inspirational leader.
LOW ALPHA. This is your AMOG junky. He dominates conversation and has a certain charisma about him but other men feel sidelined in his presence. He will be supportive of people who are less capable than him but will try to crush anyone who threatens to outshine him. Corporate empire builder- sometimes sociopathic. This behaviour is encouraged by early Mystery Method. The Low Alpha has many short relationships with women but has little regard for them as people. This type often has the largest number of notches on his bedpost.
HIGH BETA. Women relate to this man as a friend. He is often a reliable cog in the corporate machine and a highly valuable member of society. He makes a good husband (women will sleep with such a man out of affection and habit but not sexual obsession). He is capable of equal relationships with women and generally believes women are moral and decent because this is his experience.
LOW BETA. This man is also in the 'friend zone' with women except that women are never true friends to him. A woman will leach from a Low Beta on every level. She will use him as a therapist, have no respect for his time and often expect him to pay for her. The Low Beta believes women are better than men (mangina) but (paradoxically) does not hold them to the moral standards he holds for himself. The easiest way to find out if a man is a high or low Beta is to ask a woman how she feels about him sexually. If the man is a High Beta she will say something about not wishing to spoil a friendship. If he is a Low Beta she will find the idea funny. Low Betas will occasional surprise everyone by going on murderous rampages and then killing themselves.
HIGH OMEGA. A High Omega is an outcast with a survival mechanism. He may become a violent thug and have other people fear him. The High Omega is obsessed by respect but does not understand it. The Omega is never respected but the High Omega may make people fear him and he mistakes this for respect. Damaged or fatherless women may mistake him for an Alpha because other men defer to him on occasion. This means that High Omegas are often highly successful with women despite being violent and contemptuous towards them. This is simply a misidentification problem. The women do not desire abuse but they lack the skills to identify the Alpha they truly desire.
LOW OMEGA. Self hating, often depressed and self destructive. Lacking in all self belief and therefore incapable of making plans. Occasionally violent when drunk but generally meek and submissive. Generally asexual.


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