Prepping resources in the UK

I will no longer use the word 'survivalist' and use the word 'prepper' instead. This is because survivalism has some negative connotations such as right wing conspiracy theory and an obsession with weaponry. I was surprised to find that there were more constructive prepping sites in the UK than any other country.
'Prepping' is also wider than survivalism. Survivalists often find themselves talking of Hollywood blockbuster situations. They even talk about The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) so often they have invented an acronym for it.
'Prepping' on the other hand is simply being prepared for every eventuality. This makes everyday life easier and is even something we teach boy scouts to do. Prepping can even be a social activity. You may increase your social status by becoming the 'go to' guy in a crisis.
I have also found a few very useful websites that prove that preppers can actually work with one another.
UK Preppers which is part of a world wide network of sites and is a good place to exchange ideas with others. If you like your women paranoid and heavily armed try Survivalist Singles.
Permaculture Association. Permaculture is a system of farming that consumes all of its own by-products. In other words your weeds are eaten by pigs or geese and turned into food. This means that your mini farm can exist without input from the wider world. Your crops are made fertile by animal droppings creating a natural cycle that resembles natural ecology. This is often seen as a solution to a generalised collapse in wider society. The chief problem is that permaculture can only support a fraction of the present UK population due to to lack of available land. The permaculture guys reply that even this dismal outcome is better than the alternative.
Survivalists and preppers may do well to take a diploma in permaculture with these guys. �500 worth of survival gear may be worth killing you for but �500 spent on a permaculture course would mean that you are much more useful alive.
You may also like to visit Transition Network this is a network of local groups that are making their communities more resilient in the event of disaster. The powerswitch group presents the peak oil message in a professional but rather depressing way. There is also an independent Civil Defense Association that seems to run on a shoestring but runs a number of volunteer search and rescue teams. This organization is actively seeking volunteers and would be a good way to pick up skills. The New Economics Foundation promotes some novel economic notions such as localized currencies designed it isolate communities from economic crisis elsewhere. These schemes do have value and appeared in Russia, Zimbabwe and elsewhere when the conditions were right. Right now they are solutions looking for a problem. You may also like to investigate the Alpha Strategy which the left leaning NEF ignores.
Survival School will teach you to live off the land. This amounts to a form of initiation into manhood that is probably preferable to the allegedly cultist Mankind Project (dancing naked and hitting chickens with hammers). Survival training does not market itself as an initiation but it is likely to give a man an inner confidence that amounts to a form of initiation.
If you would like a qualification you may like to take outdoor group training with the YHA. This will teach navigation and leadership skills and result in a certificate that may impress a future employer.


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