The King of Chodes

Prior to finding game I was a virgin Chode for more than 40 years- so you could say that I am an expert on the subject of Chodishness. Of course, there was always the occasional Holiday romance where language prevented my Chodishness showing too much- but if it were not for cheap air travel I would have remained a virgin.
This did not worry me as much as it should. I was a romantic sort of chode and could dream of finding 'the one'. This did not require much from me apart from patience.
Sex without romance had little appeal to me. It is true that I used pornography but I would always weave some romance into the fantasy. The combination or romance, feminist brainwashing and low self esteem made me the King of Chodes.
I became aware of a destructive cycle in my life. Women would pick up upon my low self esteem and treat me with contempt- and this would feed my low self esteem. I therefore got into Game as a way to feel good about myself. The idea of banging some dodgy nightclub chick filled me with horror- but the idea of being the sort of man who could do such a thing inspired me.
The career of a chode resembles that of an alcoholic. The alcoholic lies to himself all of the time and so does the chode. Only the nature of the deception changes. The alcoholic denies that he drinks while the chode denies that he is paying for sex or companionship. Change only occurs in both cases when he reaches rock bottom. A rich chode can buy a wife and not know he is a chode until she leaves him with half his cash. He will then realise that his life has been a lie and that he has loved a woman who could never love him back. This dark night where a man confronts his chodishness is a great blessing and (if he survives it) he can be reborn.
The recovering chode often needs time on his own to recover. This is generally a temporary phase but there are many men who plan to ghost for life.
Once this grieving process has been completed the recovering chode may become interested in Game.
Game may be used for any end.
You may use Game for one night stands. You may use Game to strengthen marriage. You may use Game to destroy marriages.
I use Game for respect.
That is all I want. Suddenly the world is full of nice girls- a completely new experience for me.
I am content. I want nothing more.


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