Rebranding transformation

I have talked earlier about the need to be a branded human being- a person whose every action communicates good things to the world. This absolutely cannot be a fake exercise. We really do need to become what we preach.
This means that personal creation is a three stage process.
1) Discover who you truly wish to be. There is no point in becoming what others wish you to be- this is slavery. Find your hero! Find someone who inspires you to the core of your being and yet who is human enough to identify with. I have two heroes, Richard Branson who is a brilliant man with the common touch. His autobiography 'Losing my Virginity' is one of the most inspiring books ever written- as well as a great adventure tale. Yet.. I cannot see myself as Richard Branson. He is so driven, and so unremittingly Alpha on every level that I may as well try to model myself of Superman. I cannot see myself in him and so he cannot inspire me to greatness.
My other hero is Owen Cook (Tyler from RSD). Owen is a much more flawed human being and he shares all of my strengths and weaknesses. The difference between us is that he has worked on himself with a relentless energy and overcome most of them. Tyler is a philosophy graduate who spends mush of his life in abstractions. He (like me) is naturally unattractive to women and had only a small group of male friends. If anything, I believe Owen started life at a lower point than me because he looked plain weird, rather weedy and prematurely middle aged (he seems to be ageing backwards and looks younger now that he did). He also confesses to becoming paranoid and unstable when he does not eat an healthy diet. Owen now has a business empire, a home in Hawaii, a legion of male fans and sexual abundance. He is the exact opposite the lonely, socially inept kid he once was.
The essence of the 'useful' hero is that he has the same weaknesses as other people but that he overcomes them. By observing the hero ordinary mortals can believe greatness resides in them too. Winston Churchill understood this completely and invented a series of failures in his life to inspire others. He claimed to have been a poor student even though the school essays that survive are rather brilliant.
Once you have found your true hero you know WHO YOU COULD BE IF YOU WERE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE.
This is your brand.
2) Stage two is to act in accordance with your brand and not your history. For example- I would like to be as self disciplined and focused as Owen. I therefore act as if I were a self disciplined person- and suddenly I am. Shakespeare said it best- 'assume a virtue and it is yours'.
3) Stage three is to bring every aspect of your life into alignment with who you now are.


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