Begin at the end

All self improvement involves starting at the finishing post.
Let me explain.
Suppose we had an alcoholic that we wished to help. We could..
a) Discuss his childhood while he drank himself to death.
b) Get him to stop drinking.
Now, immediately he does this all hell will break out in his life. His 'friends' will no longer wish to see him because they love alcohol more than they love him. He will suffer alcohol cravings and he will understand just how terribly empty his life has really become.
Such a person is in a truly wretched state- and yet he now knows more about his problems than he would have discovered from five years of therapy!
He can now begin the true work of recovery- which starts at the finishing post and not the starting gate.
Becoming free is much the same. We can discuss feminism forever- or we can start at the end- simply act as if we were free. This will teach us who our real friends are!


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