Red lentils

Many survivalists stock up on lentils and other dry food, but I am running down my stocks as quickly as possible. This is largely due to my location. If I were on a farm I would be quite happy to have a sack of red lentils somewhere the mice cannot reach. Lentils are cheap and easy to store so they make an ideal food for the longer term- which probably suits your thinking if you are on a farm.
What if you have no fuel to cook the lentils? No problem! Just find some firewood!
No water? You can collect rainwater and morning dew with a sheet of plastic. These things are easy on a farm!
In an urban setting you have different problems. Your main problems will be water and power. There is no point in having anything you cannot cook so you are better off with tinned food.
There is simply no point in planning to live for a year on stored food if you are a flat dweller. There would not be the room to store it all- if you found yourself in a long term situation you would have to leave.


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