Rice and beans

This is part of a series of articles on 'survivalism on �1 a day'. It could also be called 'urban survivalism' because most urban dwellers do not have the space to store a years worth of food.
One way to overcome this lack of space/funds is to ensure that you only have items within your home that enhance your survival. Prepping therefore becomes a process of eliminating counter survival junk from your home rather than buying a whole lot of extra kit.
The first thing to do is to work your way through the kitchen and eliminate things you are unlikely ever to use. Many of us have old spices that have lost their flavour or other doubtful stuff. Use what you can and dump the rest.
Good. You now have space. You probably also have some empty containers.
Fill these with long term survival foods such as rice and beans. It is possible to live on a cup or rice and a cup of beans a day provided that you have heat and water. This means that it is quite possible to fit a months supply of food into a single cupboard. Rice and beans will last almost forever (although beans go hard over time). Remember to take multivitamins and to have some spices to make this diet more eatable.
Total cost of survival foods for a month is only �30.


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