Crazy is cool

Political correctness rewards all bad states (poverty, anti social behaviour and so on) it also rewards craziness. Crazy people get respect. Everybody said the feminists were crazy. They sent some bombs and became the establishment.
Crazy shuts people up. Radical Islamists and Scientologists make a virtue of the 'religious' (i.e not based upon reason) nature of their ideas. In efect they are announcing their craziness ahead of themselves. Most people are silenced because they do not want to appear Islamophobic or religious bigots.
Crazy can also make one legally fireproof. David Icke (professional crazy person) has for years said that the queen is a shape shifting lizard. He has never been sued because the trial would become an international farce.
I am not recomening feminist-style bomb throwing- but we should not fear the crazy label. David Icke has it about right. He is 50% charismatic and entertaining, 45% message, 5% genuinely scary. People listen to him because they think he will be funny but his nonsense seeps into the mind in subtle ways. The important thing is to expose people to the message. David Icke is a paranoid nut and possibly mentally ill but he is sane enough to know that all he has to do is find an audience and repeat his message with utter conviction. Some people will believe him and he only needs a few.


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