Sex, travel, and eternal life

I have created a number of new sections on the website. The first of these is the Podcasts box. Each of these choices has proved hugely useful to me over a number of years although I suspect they will annoy some of my readers. First is the Indiy Travel Podcast put out by a wonderful couple of permanent travellers who really are living the dream. Each podcast is from a different country and there are well over a hundred of them so far. They started as English teachers and gradually built up an Internet income as well. I listen to their podcast to remind myself of what freedom really is.
Next comes the Pick-up Podcast. This is a free alternative to the David D 'dating guru' series and probably more useful overall. Each podcast has a dating guru explain the essence of his system. It is a very condensed form of learning. The same is true of Approach Anxiety. Approach Anxiety is about 90% of game and about 80% of life. If a man can talk to every person he comes across he will end up with a good girlfriend and a better job by default. This will happen even if he has no game.
Next we have two contrasting ideas of manhood, The Art of Manliness and the New Man Podcast. These describe the 'masculne' and 'feminine' aspects to being a man. The Art of Manliness is about mans search for his masculine essence and is about traditional gentlemanly behaviour. The New Man Podcast is more subjective and concerns itself with the world of emotions and the feminine. These are not in opposition to one another.
Political correctness seeks to fix a man to a single point on the masculine-feminine spectrum. Boys are prevented from developing their masculinity at school because the authorities fear it and associate it with violence. Political correctness also does the same thing for the feminine aspect to men. The authorities do not want to hear that men are in pain or that we are angry and humiliated. Emotion is reserved for the female and men must remain silent little soldiers ready to follow any order without complaint.
I see the healthy man not as a single point on the spectrum but a line. Men should develop both the masculine and feminine within themselves so that we have a choice of responses to every situation.
Please ignore the latest New Man episode which is a long winded, pointless and unfunny spoof.
Finally we have a science podcast, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. This untangles real science from magical thinking, gobbledygook and conspiracy theory.
I have created new link sections for free money, free self development, and free green. This last section is interesting as it allows you to make charitable donations at zero cost to yourself.


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