Spanish Why and how

Why Spanish?
1. The two most useful languages to have in the world are English and Spanish. Chinese is spoken by a great many people of course but it is not really a single language and it is difficult to learn. In any case it will be some time until westerners really wish to compete in the Chinese job market.
2. Knowing at least one foreign language is necessary if one is to teach English abroad. This opens a world of freedom and sexual opportunity that few can even dream of. You will earn very little hard currency by travelling the world in this way but you will live quite well despite this. You may well have a maid and a cook provided by the school.
3. There is some evidence that bilingual people maintain brain function into old age.
4. It is good to have an overseas base in case of crisis at home.
5. It is possible to earn an A level or a GCSE (UK school qualifications) in what is basically a practical skill. This makes one more employable even when Spanish is not required for the job.
How Spanish?
1. Immerse yourself as far as possible. Use the widget on the website to learn a word a day but keep at it. Try to find a Spanish speaker to talk with. It is amazing how far three hundred words will take you. Once you have the basics your brain will acquire the rest quite effortlessly because all it needs to do is slot additional words into an existing frame. Most people who believe they cannot learn languages have simply given up before it becomes easy.
2. Do not pay for anything unless you must. There are many very good podcasts to teach Spanish. These may be downloaded free of charge via iTunes. Link your learning to physical actions such as touching objects as you name them. The more real a thing is the easier it is to remember. If you are learning foods try to look at a picture of the item. Imagine the flavour and the smell. Make it as real as possible and these images will return when you need them. Learning a language is hard work and should be done in short bursts.
3. Visit Spain or Mexico. They are still cheap.


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