The pleasures of the journey

My re branding began in my period of unemployment that ended six months ago. I had very little Alpha even prior to this humiliation and I guess it showed. Employers and co workers would concede that I was intelligent, hard working and basically decent but if you were to ask them why they did not promote me then they would probably laugh. In fact my lack of Alpha was the reason I found myself unemployed in the first place.
Men would treat me with respect (but never promote me) but my experiences with women were horrible. In fact most of the time I was invisible to them- quite literally. If I were in a mixed group then the women would edit me from their memories so that they literally believed that I was not present. They also had the habit of looking right through me as if I were a ghost. When they did take notice of me the experience was never good. Beta males are physical and emotional punchbags for unstable women. The healthy ones will ignore Betas while the messed up ones will go out of their way to humiliate him. Many sexual harassment cases come about in this way.
Fine- I thought. Women will be my barometer. Women will teach me Alpha without even knowing it.
I knew that I had to learn Alpha quickly- before I lost my home. I knew that a middle aged man would never work again in this economy without Game.
I was OK with this. Sometimes life forces you to do the right thing.
So.. when I was in London for interviews I would Sarge. I had no time or mental energy for a girlfriend but simply needed feedback from women on my Alpha.
This photograph is the only one I have of this period. I am in a pizza restaurant but I am the only one not eating. If you look carefully you will see that I am eating the flowers on the table out of hunger. I am holding court with two women, both of which are competing for this revolting old man. Look closely at my face and you will see the yellowish tinge of a poor diet and a big red boil on my chin.
I am both embarrassed by this photograph and very proud. Life (after kicking me in the balls repeatedly) seemed to be telling me that I could sponge off women for a living if I chose. Many of the women one meets at social events are middle aged and rather rich. I would find that they always brought their diamonds and their second homes into the conversation somehow- and yet I was too dim to understand what it meant.
Move forward six months and we see that my appearance has changed a great deal. This is not due to my trying to improve my appearance but is a natural consequence of having some success in my life. My income has approximately doubled during this period although I am now working like a dog. You will see a more recent photograph on my facebook profile. I look younger and have a certain masculine energy that was previously lacking.
I remain babeless but continue to experiment with the new power I have over women. I banter with the more Alpha partners in commercial law firms. These girls are as sharp as razors and are not insecure so I can push my luck with them in ways that I could not with a less successful women. How much Alpha does a partner in a law firm get from men? Not much I should imagine- and they enjoy it when they get it.
This is Game that is not centered around getting a woman. I do it to feel good and to make others feel good- and as a barometer of progress. I receive small gifts from these women from time to time (cake, chocolate and so on) but this is no more than female receptionists receive from the men they work for. I will have to get used to it.
The chief advantage of 'learned Alpha' is that one simply feels better- all the time. I have compiled a list of free stuff I found useful.
Next month I will seek to re brand myself as an Alpha in a conscious way. This will involve becoming an Alpha for real- which will solve all my money problems and then some. My re branding is actually a business investment.


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