The case against plastics

Plastics, we are told, are chemically inert and therefore cannot affect the human body. Despite this there is a great deal of information claiming that certain additives in plastic are very bad for us indeed. Different plastics leech different chemicals and it is completely impossible for an unqualified person to fully follow the argument.
One would think that food safe plastics would be completely free of anything that could get into food- yet this is clearly not the case. All you need to do is to take your plastic 'tupperware' type container and sniff it. You will notice a definite smell that could only exist if the plastic were emitting fumes of some kind. You will notice the same thing if you leave water in the container for an hour or so. There is a definite 'plastic' taste.
Clearly something is entering the food- probably not the real nasty stuff that mimics estrogen in the body- but something.
I have taken every plastic container to the charity shop!
Here is the case against plastic.
1) Plastic taints and absorbs flavours from some foods.
2) Plastic is flammable and emits toxic fumes. This is the chief cause of death in household fire.
3) Plastic is generally harder to recycle than glass.


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